Women Gaining Ground: Securing Land Rights as a Critical Pillar of Climate Change Strategy

From our partner Landesa:

As many eyes turn to the Climate Conference in Paris this week and next, we wanted to share with you a call around the urgent need to further spotlight women’s land rights in the climate change conversation. We view this as an exciting opportunity to deepen our collaboration with the many groups that have been engaged in gender and climate change research and advocacy. As some of you have pointed out, to date, the relationship between women’s land rights and climate change has been largely unexplored.

Through the following call, produced by Landesa and endorsed by the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, CGIAR and the International Land Coalition, we hope to together forge a new and powerful awareness of the role that secure women’s land rights can play in improving our collective response to climate change impacts.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider disseminating the call with your partners and networks. See also, Landesa’s new infographic on Land Rights, Climate Change, and Environmental Stewardship.

Access the call to action HERE.

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