57 head of States signed a declaration without precedent against commercialisation of education

The 57 head of the member States of the Francophonie organisation published on the 27 of November the “Antananarivo Declaration” which concludes the 16th General Assembly of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). The Declaration contains a paragraph addressing the issue of commercialisation of education and supporting public schools. This declaration is the strongest declaration so far by States against commercialisation of education, in favour of public schools, and supporting the regulation of private actors in education. The declaration recognises in particular, the importance of civil society’s role in the work against commercialisation of education and requests the OIF to work in partnership with civil society on the issue.

Paragraphe 39 of the Antananarivo Declaration which can be found here http://bit.ly/2gMyRS5 [in French], follows the important mobilisation of the Francophone civil society through an Appeal of the Francophone civil society against commercialisation of education, and conveys some of its key demands. It reads:

“39. Noting the development of academic and educational establishments with a commercial purpose, and committed to public, free and of quality education for all, we ask the OIF and the Conference of the Ministers of Education of States and Governments of the Francophonie (Confémen), in collaboration with civil society, to continue the reflection raised during the Kinshasa Summit (2012), and to take measures to promote efficient institutional mechanisms for the regulation of private actors in education, in order to ensure quality and equity of education services;”

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